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Saw STP, Bush, and The Cult last night at Jones Beach. Such an awesome concert! Except for The Cult, they were terrible. I don’t know who the dude is who they got to fill in after Scott Weilands death but holy chit he sounds JUST like him. No pictures of Gavin cause I was having to much fun to take them but that dude knows how to rock! Might as well have been 1996!




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"Hey Guys, I got an idea. Lets organize the bones by type and then stack them neatly."

"Everything ok at home Steve?"
I was 7 when I found out Santa Claus wasn’t real.....

This is how I found out..... (disclaimer: google photo of Tomb of St Nicholas in Bari Italy)



I'll ask the stupid questions

Ground clears us to push out behind Azores. That's fine and good, until Azores goes nose-to-nose with the inbound they had to yield to. And go figure my rookie push driver has to learn flightdeck communications and THIS happens.

Ah well.
We were all new once.