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@Low&Slow It is an ICON A5! In charge of sales for PNW, and for now Dakotas/Minnesooooota until they can hire someone. Had to finish time building to do customer demos (min hour requirement), so they said hey why not fly one to Oshkosh! I'm there the 20-28.
Talk to me about comp plans sometime. I've ample sales background. Never thought about selling airplanes. I mean - I have thought about it - but not seriously until recently...private message if you like.


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The "We have an amendment to your pairing"--ulus clouds rolling through BOS today. . .



This was really a fast frontal passage that just kinda hit us with a spout of rain. The stuff behind the front's still thundering through, but it broke up before it got over the field. Youse guys out west get all the real cool stuff.

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Are you in BRD? I was there a couple weeks ago, pretty cool little area.

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I love me some MN lake country. Though this time of year it’s all heat, humidity, and horseflies that literally take a chunk out of you when they bite.