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Hmmm the Hawk had the same paint scheme. We'll see in couple days when golf season starts :)
Not an uncommon sight around here.

It's fun when you see three of them heading up the river from ADW. You can make side bets on which one is carrying POTUS and which ones are the decoys. Pays off when the real one advances past the monument to the south lawn. :)


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The forward vis on approach/taxi has to be completely crap. Probably weaves going up and down the taxiway the way they used to with the Corsair and that big wasp cowling you couldn’t see anything through.
The 195 is not terrible, there are others out there that are worse. You just can’t fall into the trap of sitting off center line and use the curved cowling as a reference. With a very Dick Tracy like appearance, overall they’re pretty nice.

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If I saw a brake caliper hanging in the wind on a hard line at work like that I'd have a word with whoever was doing the work. You can almost see where the line wants to kink in that picture. I have almost no knowledge when it comes to small airplanes, so my advice is likely moot, but I would suggest supporting the caliper next time. A simple tire change could turn into a much bigger job if that brake line got damaged somehow. That is a pretty airplane.
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A bunch of years ago my brother lived in a suburb of Amsterdam. The Dutch were playing in the world cup the night before I arrived. I walked from the train station to his house, about a mile and a half, without seeing a single person. Was the weirdest damn thing.
You'll appreciate this.

Audi field opens in about 2 weeks - new home for DC United. It's two blocks south of my house. They've already opened a beer garden there and they've been showing WC games. The cheering has actually rivaled some of the cheering from Nationals Park lately, and that's when it dawned on me how badly the Nationals are playing right now.