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Awesome picture! Some days I miss going there. Most days I am happy no to go back.
I hear you. You guys are badass coming to that rock out of back door. Saw a saab making short approach into a hole in the sky with 10 kts on the tail. Landed in the middle and stopped shortly. No wonder they have tons of passengers stuck at the Grand.
The baby is driving already, I see. lol When she said Bye to you and then she turned to her Mom sorta of upset that you were leaving and then she watched/tracked you the entire time.........then she said bye again and gave you a little wave. That was so cute. Sue wanted to watch it enlarged so we watched it on you tube and then she snooped (women!!!!!) and saw the Ellie first year video and we had to watch that too. That little sweet grin Ellie has could melt a glacier. Jenny looks like she saying, "Geez......I hope he remembers my snacks this time."

Great plane!! When did you get her? Been a long long damn time (as in decades) since I took off and landed on grass. Nice.
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Pratt & Whitney JT8D-17. Designed to turn jet fuel into noise and thrust. Quieter than it's older brother the P&W J52 turbojet that powered the A-6 Intruder and EA-6 Prowler series, the JT8D still holds its own in the noise department.

Cool old school. Used to be a common sight. Now rare to see and like a fun classic to operate.

She must look so cool with the sun glinting off her. That is one sexy look. Really beautiful.

I had the fantasy for a long time of owning an 18 with just a bit of paint trim.

or fulfill/combine the love of radial engines and polished aluminum. This old gal is just exquisite.

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