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He looks like the kid that got told he has to play a flower for the school play. My Newfoundland used to do the same, only his cone was big enough he could plow snow with it.

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DUde this was the grossest thing I've ever seen. just before bed, wife went to pet Him and screamed. He had a gaping hole in his shoulder down to the bone. You could see tendon and muscle and his shoulder blade. So a trip to the animal ER at 1130pm last night. Apparently he had gotten in a fight with another cat a couple days ago and got bit. But the way cat bites work, since their teeth are so little and so sharp, it creates a bunch of little puncture wounds that close up quickly. This traps all the bacteria inside so it swells up like a balloon and apparently last night the balloon popped.
And there went any desire I had to get a midnight snack...

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I really want to dive there.
I do as well. I am technically PADI certified, buts it's been too many years to do it this time. In the short time we've been here we've already encountered a flock of rays, a few black tip sharks and a very territorial trigger fish.