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Yep. That’s where the value is, no doubt. I want the range of the Conquest, though.
And that is going to narrow down the list for sure lol. Great airplane, but you can buy a lot of $3/gallon fuel in the midwest with what you're saving on the airframe. By hour 4 I'm ready to get out anyway.


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Oh snap!!! How are you guys liking the NEO so far? Any talk about the troubles that others have had with the PW1100 at HA seeing as you guys cross so much water?
It's only been flying ETOPS for 10 days now and just one airframe, but so far no issues. It *seems* like PW solved the problems they were having. The only ongoing concern I know of is that start times can be REALLY long (like 4 minutes per engine long), but it's burning about 2.2K per side per hour which is crazy when you think about the fact that it's a 200K airplane.