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It’s brutally cold in WI.
I've lived in Wisconsin my whole life until this winter, lol. I traveled back to the Madison area for 2 weeks over Christmas and New Years, just left this past Thursday. I think it was below zero or single digits almost every day, might have hit 12° once.
Once upon a time.

United 747 departing San Francisco
by Chasen Richardson, on Flickr

Rare catch with Edelweiss only having 2 A330-300s. Wasn't expecting to see this in my quick trip to the airport that night, but I'm glad I tried to shoot it breaking my no ISO setting over 200 rule.

Edelweiss A330-300 HB-JMG under the Las Vegas sunset.
by Chasen Richardson, on Flickr

The LAS poor-people terminal, with the mosque-looking tent-like building on the lower right being the original terminal, and the piers extended from it having been the entire LAS terminal into the 80s. And now Allegiant and Spirit have moved in and it is basically the hood.

Las Vegas McCarren Airport T1
by Chasen Richardson, on Flickr
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