daily pic


Ahh! This is how I change this!
Just a couple from the past week or so.

1.) Our shadow after my friend's landing in our landing competition.
2.) Skimming the tops down to LUK.
3.) Weather coming our way.
4.) First solo IMC.
5.) NASCAR charter today at work.



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I cant tell you how many times I saw that over there. It was ridiculous. Funny thing is the Army weight standards are more strict than the Corps, but I guess they just dont enforce them. :confused:

That guy is probably in the ANG, or is a POG in a regular army unit (although is hard to believe you could be that big while in active duty)

There are a couple of guys like that in my ANG unit (infantry 11B). I think it is unprofessional. When I'm downrange and the crap hits the fan, I want the man next to me to be able to run 100 yards without having a heart attack.

Me, I go to the gym 4 or 5 times per week to stay strong and have stamina. I feel it is my duty to stay fit; for me and my comrades.