Cross-Country & Simulated Time & PIC?


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I think it's candyass to do the whole "I log PIC even though I'm not instrument rated, merely because I'm at the controls in IMC and there's an instrument rated pilot sitting next to me." Might be legal by definition, but IMO, is still a candyass attempt at grasping every extra 0.1 available.

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I agree if someone is just trying to pump up their hours for hiring minimums. But, I don't see where it's candyass for someone take the break the FAA gives for IFR training.

61.65 is real clear that out of the 40 hours experience needed, only 15 has to be with a CFI and the other 25 can be actual or simulated (with a safety pilot). That could easily save a person $600 to $1000 on getting their instrument ticket.