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How do the pilots out there view the people that hold these positions? A regional airline here in MSP has current openings for each and I have applied. Just wondering if the pilots are cursing them
when they get off the phone.


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Phone...who answers their phone? It's because of crew skeds that I don't answer my phone anymore.

My opinion of skeds is they have a tough job. They need to put bodies into seats and at times there aren't enough bodies to go around. Then they get creative and and don't tell you the whole story or lie to you. It's easy to get pissed off.


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Some of my airline-flying friends like to complain about "skeds" as they call them. I always tell them they're just shooting the messenger ... like DE said, these guys have a job to do, putting bodies in seats, and sometimes they don't have enough bodies to do it. And, as we all know, companies want to hire as few pilots as possible, so skeds will always be bending over backwards to try to fill all their chairs before the music stops.

Tough job ...


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We called them the "Screws". Because of scheduling, we never put our real home phone number in the computer with our contact information. It's only cell phones. If the cell rings and it says "Caller ID Unavailable" we don't answer it, we just listen to the message.

Crew planner/schedulers have a tough job that gets little respect. When they're junior manning, I know they have to try to fill the seat somehow, but it isn't going to be with my butt!

(If it hadn't been for a major scheduling screw-up, I'd have never met my husband.