Cover Letter & Resume Tips For Newcomer To Aviation & Dispatching


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Hello all, the title pretty much says it all.

I am trying to break into the field of aviation. Long story short I love airplanes, graduated with a degree in Computer Science, worked for a year as a software engineer and will be getting my dispatcher certificate in mid-February.

I am trying to get a head start or at least be ready to apply to jobs ASAP. I have no experience in the field of aviation and therefore have no idea what companies are looking for in resumes and cover letters. I have attached both my cover letter and resume with some personal information redacted and would greatly appreciate any tips from ya'll with industry experience. I am not looking for proofreading or detailed review but rather formatting issues or things I may want to add specific to the field of aviation.

(I plan on updating everything related to dispatching once I actually get my certificate or at least finish enough of the course to be prepared to interview.)

Thanks in advance! :)