Couple of issues


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I will be going in for a new 1st class medical here in a couple of weeks. In the last year I have had two issues looked at. One was a potential Ulnar nerve entrapment issue (right pinky and ring finger issues). Had an EMG and x-ray with no issues found. I have the visit reported but just wondering if this may cause an issue during my visit.

RSIs suck. Still have mild issues but I just walk away from the computer. No issues in flight unless I am deadheading on a CRJ-200.

Also I recently developed a trigger finger. Currently using a splint at night per Dr orders. Not exactly sure how this will affect my medical but it is only my left pinky finger with no grip issues.


The Great Gazoo
I have actually for the trigger finger. The guy i talked to said it "should" be fine. Think of this as a second opinion ;)


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Hi Maurus,

I think given your negative EMG and Xray that you will likely be OK with the ulnar nerve. You should take whatever medical reports you have to the AME to expedite the process, and expect that the AME will want to look at strength/sensation in the affected area.

The trigger finger shouldn't be a problem if your strength and functioning are unimpeded.

Aaron Florkowski, MD
FAA Designated AME