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I am beginning to consider which colleges I will attend and I purdue is one of my top choices. What are the costs for tuition and the flight program? I will have my PPL before I get here. Also what are the admission standards and how hard is it to get in the flight department? Thanks!


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It depends on whether you are out of state or not. I am out of state so, with flight costs included, you are looking at about 40g for the first year. The second year the flight costs aren't as much, but I'm not sure what the total is.

(This is all assuming you come in with your PPL)

The admission standards are pretty high (as far as aviation schools are concerned), and it is actually one of the more selective programs within the university. I've heard that they usually like to see an SAT of about 1300 (on old scale, just take your math and verbal and add em).