Cool helicopter rescue

A Life Aloft

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And you also notice that he is balanced just on the front tips of his skis, plus he has to account for a rescuer out one side and more weight with the victim being loaded in on that same side. Yet the helicopter looks constantly steady. That's some damn talented flying.


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Ballsy... especially since he only planted 1 skid so he’s gonna have an odd counter pressure instead of just on axis.

Well done.


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Man, how can you tell how far the edge of the slope is before planting the skid in there in the white snow? That's some excellent depth perception


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What I’m amazed at more than anything is how quickly and smoothly he did it. No inching his way in, no sitting there checking it out for a minute first, just flies right up like it’s routine.


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Wow, the whole thing happened pretty fast! That pilot must have had plans for the day, and they weren’t waiting around for anyone that wanted to dawdle.