Convair 440 Cargo plane crashes near Toledo airport, killing 2


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Two people died early Wednesday when a cargo plane hauling auto parts crashed on approach to the Toledo Express Airport in Ohio, slamming into numerous unoccupied vehicles and sparking a "significant fire" that authorities spent most of the morning battling, officials said.
The fiery heap came to rest at about 2:37 a.m. in the deserted parking lot of a repair and towing company about a mile or two from the airport where it had been preparing to land, Joe Rotterdam, the manager of airport operations with the Lucas County Port Authority, said during a news conference.

The plane is believed to have originally traveled from Laredo, Texas, to Millington, Tenn., before making the flight to the Toledo area, WTOL reported. Flight records obtained by the television station show the aircraft was supposed to have landed at about the same time as the plane crash occurred.

Multiple agencies responded to the scene, with teams working to secure wreckage scattered over what officials described as a large debris field.
By mid-morning, no flames were visible as firefighters occasionally sprayed water on the smoldering wreckage, according to the AP. The debris appeared to be contained to the auto business, where at least one trailer was mangled and burned.
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Is that the turboprop version of the PW R2800? I saw a youtube vid of the plane and is sounded pretty radial. Sorry to hear we lost a Convair. I'm blessed to have have type in it and got to cut my teeth flying mail in one. Good thing the place I worked furloughed me when they did or my career path would likely have been quite different.


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I worked next to a place that had both 440s and a 580T.

There was no way to confuse the sound of the two. The 440 sounded like a typical twin radial (IE uber cool) and the 580 sounded like the Devil’s own vacuum cleaner of the apocalypse.


Did the YS-11 have the RR Darts? If so they do sound like the Devils Vacuum.
Only ever saw one in Japan. Pretty sure the JSDF flies them still.


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Pretty sure they do. My dad flew F.27s with them, 40,000lb dog whistle. Primitive engine but if you were feeling ornery with proper “technique” it could smoke out half the ramp at ORD like a L1011.
I remember when Mesaba was flying those. We used to call them "airway corks".