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Cory Trevor

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Now, for interpreting the Donald into JC intelligible language:

The first sentence is ignorance at the worst, poorly worded but somewhat correct if given the benefit of the doubt (i.e. you interpret "to fly" to mean, click, click, handfly*). The second is sarcasm, sorry, no free degrees today. The "unnecessary step further" is what he should have left to the experts, apparently the MCAS was a necessary band-aid because of changes in handling characteristics. The rest of the tweet(s) are accurately and, if said by anyone else, would be lauded with praise for explaining why pilots are still around and needed. The whole premise of the tweet, though, is flawed if taken in the context of the 737 MAX controversy.

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The thing is, with a lot of things he says, there’s some truth hidden in there wit a lot of BS and incoherent nonsense. Of course pilots need to be good stick and rudder guys and an over reliance on automation does not help. But come one, airplanes are not becoming too complex to fly and automation and technology updates are not inherently bad.


Cap, Roci
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Oh no, the Trump 2020 budget has $72 mil to start up Space Force.
$72 million will pretty much get the t-shirts designed!

Personally, I would have called it “Orbital Command” or something like that so you wouldn’t have a bunch of rural Louisiana yokels expecting tie fighters and storm troopers.