Confirmation on the room....Please read, it's important...


Mama Bear....
Staff member
Just got confirmation on the room... the problem is, is that they can't give us a room number until we check in ("no matter how many guests you have coming, we won't know the room number until you checkin" - they said)

So, here's how this is going to work.

Doug and I going to check in at 3pm (standard check in time), earlier if we can since we're staying at the MGM on friday night.

we're going to make sure there's a note with our registration that says that guests can be given the room number... so here's what you'll do.

1) You'll go ask the concierge or the check in folks what room we're in. The name is under Douglas & Kristine Taylor...we're in a patio terrace suite and technically, that should be all you need to get the room number.

2) now, this doesn't mean that you can just bypass security. we'll have one of our helpful volunteers at the bottom of the elevator with a list of registrants, he/she will check off your name as you enter the elevator so we can keep tabs on when we have everyone on board.

-> Since Network JC is now starting at 8pm instead of 6pm (to let the simmers have their fun)... it'll be very important to be prompt since our extremely generous volunteer will disappear from the elevator area at exactly 8:30.

If you think your going to be showing up later than 8:30, you're going to have to call the room number and someone will come down and get you.

If there are any problems, you can try calling.. but text message, we know will work!

Any questions?