Comair Classes Postponed


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So what are they telling the Comair-bound folks at DCA nowadays? I heard that Comair is not going to run any classes until the summer. Is there a big backlog of people waiting to interview and waiting for class? Are any of those deciding to try for Chautauqua instead?


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I don't believe that Comair is the only place that you can interview with upon completion of the DCA program. I believe they have agreements with all DCI carriers to interview successful graduates. If Comair is still interviewing, then DCA is probably still sending grads over there for the interview. Successful interviewees will be put ina pool for the next class date. If they're not even interviewing, then I guess grads will be offered an interview with one of the other carriers.

Someone else may have some inside knowlege and more specific information for you.



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It is true that DCA grads get an interview within DCI. What I meant was what are the poolees for Comair being told and the ones awaiting interview at Comair (their choice). It seems some may choose to go to CHQ to avoid a more lengthy wait and because of the recent announcement of new growth.

Is anybody in this position now? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.


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It does seem as though many of the guys I have talked to recently are choosing Chataqua, but I am not sure about the rest of it. I did hear the rumor about Comair delaying some classes or whatever, but no hard info. If I hear anything that sounds like more than a rumor around school I will post it.