College Savings plans for a new addition.


I'm probably commenting ironically...
Hey JC, in a few months my wife will give birth to our first child! In hopes of being a good parent anyone have any advice for 529-esque saving plans.
I live in Dallas but am curious about how those savings account are effected by moving out of state. OR should I go with a more traditional savings plan.

Besides googling I'm not sure where to start, Let's here your thoughts!


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I did the UESP...Utah Educational Savings my529.

My reasoning was it could be used if i move and they invest in cool stuff from developing markets when they're younger.

I've been happy so far with it... @CFIT99


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I'm in the Georgia 529. There are 100 websites that rank all the plans on several different metrics. GA consistently fell out in the top 5 or so, and it's my home state even though I am not currently a resident. We may go back, and be able to get state tax breaks there. I'd say go with the 529 that makes sense to you. You can start by looking at the states that you may end up in because you will often get good STATE tax breaks with 529s, but the federal tax treatment is all exactly the same.

With that said, I personally think that 529 management is WAY too conservative across the board. Many barely outpace inflation (and certainly haven't outpaced recent tuition "inflation"). But it's not like retirement money. It's not a need and at the end of the day college can be financed if worse comes to worst. If you only plan to invest no more than $2000 per year and want to get more aggressive with it, then an ESA makes a lot of sense simply because you can manage it yourself. Just something to think about.


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I was a state government employee, when Washington GET was first offered by the higher education folks, we purchased two contracts for my 2 kids. Tuition increased in our public colleges and we received pre paid credits that by law kept pace, so when the kids chose state universities after high school, every credit was paid from the GET value. It was something like 118% return over 19 years. We now have a grandchild and contribute to a new 529 program through Fidelity


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I’ve been in NJBest 529 for New Jersey and am not impressed. Since Jan 2014 I have put in 30k and today it’s 35k. Meh. I’m moving to CA and looking to do the once-a-year free roll to another state’s 529 plan.