Clipper Juan T Trippe


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I'd like to see that while it is still around. I had no idea the first 747 was the one involved in the Tenerife disaster.


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Clipper Victor was the first to enter passenger service. The one at the Museum of Flight was the first one ever built (used for testing only).


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Why wasn't Clipper Juan Trippe sold to some aviation museum when it was retired?

In a way I guess it would be cool if there was some sort of Kickstarter type project to buy and restore this bird to her former glory. But being a realist I don't think it would ever happen as the cost would be absurd.


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"There were a few nice kids’ rockers beneath the body of the Boeing. If only more hyperactive children were left to play in front of the wheels of large passenger aircraft, then the world would be filled with far fewer ankle-biting little •s demanding cookies and Barney".


"We couldn’t find an actual kitchen on board, leaving us wondering if they served customers genuine airplane food when they were open for business, which doesn’t need a kitchen to be produced in the first place because it’s mostly just the contents of cat litter trays anyway".

Writing gold! Too funny