Citation M2 and Phenom 100


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Do any of you manage either of these? I am looking for some operational info for the real world vs. the marketing wank. Top line question is 4 pax, 5000' DA airport with a 5000' runway for a 500 nm trip west with NBAA reserves.



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M2 will do this (done similar trips out of 46U). At the time my company bought the jet the Phenom 100 wouldn't. I've heard the 100EV is a lot better though. I manage/fly a M2. Good plane, but Textron needs to update it to compete with Embraer/Honda now that the 100EV and Hondajet Elite are on the scene.


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Yeah 100 isn’t doing that in most (if not all) cases. Can’t speak to the M2 or EV, but I also hear the EV is much improved even though it’s only an additional 60ish lbs of thrust.