Chicago to South America flight planning assistance

Shane Cassell

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I am planning a ferry flight from the Chicago area to Central Argentina in a Piper Arrow. Right now, I am trying to figure cost and where the different fees would be coming from. I am wondering if anyone has some experience flying in Central and South America and the Caribbean who would be willing to offer some help and also let me know where I can find information. Feel free to message me.

Thanks in advance!


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Have you reached out to any providers like Universal or even flightpln to see about this? If you are planning your first one of these it might be easier to let someone handle this for you so you can just fly the plane.


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I did a trip from Florida to Chile a while back with @Crop Duster. I think he might be able to shed some light as hes done some of these. Handlers are definitely nice in some of the countries down there. Its really easy to "overspend" when it comes to customs and permits.