Chandler-Gilbert Community College Pro Pilot Program


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Does anyone here have any experience with the CGCC Pro Pilot Program based at Williams Field in the PHX area? I'm looking into the program and would like some feedback from those in the know and former/ present students.

Is the program what you expected? Did your training progress smoothly? Would you recommend this program based on your experiences?

Are the aircraft well maintained? Was scheduling your flights easy?

Thanks for you feedback!


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I'm surprised there's not more posts on here, CGCC has a partnership with the University of North Dakota's aviation program. I've been looking into it recently as UND has a very good reputation but I'm not too sure how I'd brave the winter up in ND, yikes!

Not sure if the CGCC/UNC partnership existed back when you were looking but did you ever end up going to CGCC or did you go elsewhere?
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storm glider

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Yep yep, figured instead of starting a new one that I'd just carry on with this one since I'm looking into the same thing.