Challenger overdue in Mexico


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Does it matter where he was trained? CAE or Flight Safety never showed me how to operate a door. Learned that on the airplane.
You didn’t get the cheesy walk around video that demonstrated all the doors, and hatches ?

I see your point, CAE & FSI are more about flying the VOR approach into JFK with a circle.... they don’t have a door simulator for each airframe they train on. However, my point in that particular example is that the pilot only received bare minimum training to satisfy the legal requirement which is how you end up with an FO that was acting as a seat filler in the TEB Lear crash.

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Lear for sure. The 60 is approved up to FL510. We touched FL430 once and that was just to show me why we don’t. The margin between VMO & stall are extremely close. Any turbulence and you’re hitting one or the other. Even at FL410 in the 60 wasn’t very fun when it got bumpy.

I know some of the newer Globals go into the mid 40s no problem
A long time ago I flew a Lear 28. I never did it, but the other guys said it would go to 51, no problem. It just wasn’t real comfortable up there.