CFI Insurance, NAFI, SAFE


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I'm finally getting to the point where I'm finding time to do some part time instructing. Where is the best place to buy CFI insurance and is NAFI or SAFE worth their annual cost? Which one would you recommend? Both say you can save "up to 15%" on your insurance but looks like you have to have a member number to get a quote. Also going to call my insurance broker tomorrow to talk to him but does anyone know of company who offers a policy combined with an owners policy? I have a 182 and I hate that I have to have two separate policies. Thanks


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I get mine through SAFE with rates a bit less than my broker friend saw from the same insurer. If you are talking strict dollars and sense, I've never compared my insurance and ForeFlight discounts with my annual membership costs.

Dunno about an owner policy with a non-owned aircraft CFI rider. I can see it both ways. If you have an independent broker, he or she should know,