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CE-680 C208B pilot position


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CE-680 & C-208 pilot Michigan.
We have an opening for a C-680 & C-208 pilot Based in KBAX. Perfect job for the family person that likes to have dinner at home.
Great family owned company that respects our family time.
Day to day trips are in the Caravan with 6-8 days a month in the Sovereign.
Mostly day trips Monday-Friday 0730-1630. Weekends and holidays off and 2 weeks vacation. Only averaging 5 overnights a month.
Pay is based off CE-680 NBAA salary guide and is up for negotiation ball park would be around 80-100k for SIC or higher for PIC.
Health benefits such as medical, vision, dental, FSA, & supplemental insurance provided by Met life (like Aflac). If you are interested in the costs of these I'm happy to send the breakdown on each.
Relocation to the area would be ideal. We are part 91 and pilots are involved with all operations. This includes taking care of airplanes and hangar between flights but that time is flexible.
Very close small team to be a part of and we are looking to bring in another team member on to fit the part.
Pilots are invited to attend team building events while on the road. These include golfing, hunting, dinners, sporting events, & many more.

KBAX based

Preferred Minimum Experience but will look at most times:
License: Commercial Single & Multi Engine Land
Medical: FAA Class II Medical
Flight Time:
2,000TT 500 Turbine 500 Multi

Experience in C-680 or C-208 and is preferred but not required.
Email Resume to walte1fr@gmail.com