Car Accidents In interviews?


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Good morning! Sadly, I recently was in a car accident where I was found at fault, though no citations were issued. I believe there may be evidence which shows otherwise, but given that the party with this evidence is not willing to hand it over, and the damages were under $300, I'm inclined to just let it go and focus on finishing up my training. Honestly I don't even know if police reports or insurance records on accidents is public, but did they ask you guys about being found at fault in traffic accidents in interviews, and do you think having this in my history will bite me in the ass when I'm looking to get into the Majors and/or the Guard a couple years down the line?
Thanks for the help and blue skies!


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Less then 300 dollars? That’s like what...1 headlight nowadays?

How do you not know if you got a ticket?

Private insurance companies are just that - private.

Hiring people want to know about a pattern of reckless driving, DUI’s, multiple speeding tickets. No one cares if you bumped into a bumper doing 5 mph.


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I know no tickets or anything were given, sorry if that was unclear. Thanks a bunch for spending your time on this! Not the most important issue but you've really helped me stop stressing over this and refocus on what actually matters.