cancelling tickets

Good Morning!

Can someone tell me how to refund tickets for unused segments? I booked a ticket, MNL-HKG, HKG-KIX, KIX-HKG and HKG-MNL. I was only able to use the first segment. On the second segment, the flight was full so I booked another ticket from another airline. On the way back, I tried using the third segment but upon check in, I was told I could not since I did not use the second segment so I booked another ticket as well. I tried refunding the ticket using my company's website, but it said to make sure that I cancel the flights first before proceeding with the refund. I checked myidtravel but there was no option to cancel the unused segments.

Your help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!



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Have you gone to existing tickets? There should be a cancel option on one of the pages where you pull up your flight itinerary.