Canadian Cirrus overrun video


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Story sounds like it happened during the "go" portion of a touch and go, aka takeoff phase of flight.

Who knows what happened. I can say from my time as a CSIP, I always thought the SR20 was surprisingly underpowered compared to the more than adequate power of an SR22. Everyone thinks of Cirrus as being high performance machines, but the SR20 could be quite "meh" in the takeoff department if one is used to SR22 performance.

I wouldn't be surprised if it was a case of intending to takeoff, only to realize not enough runway remains and not aborting soon enough.

Would like to know more details about both pilots' experience levels in SR20 and SR22.


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I’m surprised Cirrus doesn’t tell you to pull the handle and use it as a drag chute. Video is in the link. Dash cam footage of a lucky few people.

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If the wing tip is touching the ground can it be logged as flight time?