Called Back....


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I can't get that much multi time where I'm at now, at least not PIC......

I know I need to build upwards of 2-300 hours which is still more than the 100 I have.


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Hey all,

Just curious, if you had a little over 800 hours, would you rather instruct at FSI or fly right seat in a King Air? I think the King Air job would only be 25 hours a month or so (and only half of that loggable as PIC)

Congrats on the recall Barronman!


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Right seat in the King Air isn't as glamorous as it may seem hahaha!! It's a real real part-time gig, with the main charter season being in the summer. Has it been a good experience, YES. Is it going to be a stepping stone? In this case no. If I was flying it all the time that would be a different story.