California Pacific parks ‘em


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Necro post update:

California Pacific Airlines in negotiations for new ownership
by staffMay 6, 2019044

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article contained several inaccuracies that have since been corrected.
Paragon Partners, as NewCo, is currently in negotiations to acquire the majority ownership in California Pacific Airlines, according to a recent release by Paragon obtained by The Coast News.
The acquisition group is chaired by Robert Nisi, a former securities attorney and active investment banker who was a part of the founding team, alongside Richard Branson, of Virgin American Airlines.
Nisi served as Virgin’s corporate director for several years before the company was sold to Alaska Airlines in 2016 for $2.6 billion.


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Too easy. I bought it already. I’ve since sold all the EMBs to JetSuite and am in talks with Twin Peaks to start a new airline using these 727s I got a smoking deal on.


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Yup, or Azul, or Juicy Juice Air.
Browsing APC jetblue's thread, you'd think it's literally the worse job above a regional. Some of your colleagues are really jaded and should step back and be honest about how they have it. It ain't that bad. It's not Delta but come on it's still good for a major. Now I fully get some of the complaints like the decimating of the profit share percentage (I know decimate isn't a word in that sense, but I still like using it). If I was a 2012 hire at jetBlue, I'd be sittin pretty in JFK and never applied to anyone else. And call me crazy, I'd rather do a 10pm show JFK for an island turn getting back in at 8am than I would reporting to a 5am flight. COME AT ME BRO :)