C182RG real world $$ Numbers


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Just wanted to share some real world numbers for a Cessna 182RG (non turbo) that I fly in a club.
For the previous year the airplane flew a total of 198 Hours.
Total cost per flying hour for this year was : 150.58 per tach hour. This includes maintenance/engine funds, insurance, hangar, unexpected maintenance and everything related to the its up keep.
This number has greatly varied and has been as low as 118 per tach hour. This year some expensive items came up which drove up the numbers. We expect next fiscal years to be lower than this.
Not bad for a true 4 seater, IFR certified that will cruise at 154 TAS all day long.


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Thanks for the info. We looked at a 182RG among other birds as our 172 replacement. I’m a big fan of them, but admittedly biased as I have quite a few hours in them without having to pay the bills.

Can you share what bigger ticket items come up this year? Unscheduled maintenance? Gear/power pack issues or MX?



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About 10 years ago, EACH OH/exchange gear actuator was $7k plus the core. I believe the power pack was about the same.

The 182RGs I’ve flown have been noisier than a T6 and shook more than a helicopter. I’d bet if you were to pay a bit more for a 2001 182T (not the T182T), you’d go 15 kts faster for a lower DOC.


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Ballpark is about the same for a V35A Bonanza we have in a 4 person partnership. Less than $100 variable but adding in the hangar, annual, insurance etc. with an IO520 very similar. 160-170KTAS depending on how much fuel you want to burn.