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Busy CFI job


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Hey everyone,

New CFI here. I’m looking for some options regarding my next step. I’d like to go to a school that is very busy so I can build hours quickly. What are some good schools that I should look into? I am willing to move anywhere if it means flying 80-100 hours a month. Thanks!i


Canadian Reset Jet Operator
Look into Falcon Avation Academy in Newnan/Peachtree City, GA. Several of us here who instructed there. 80-120 hrs is pretty average. I hear they offer a sign on bonus now too. They also have deals to pay for your CFI-I/MEI.


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TransPac...now called Aeroguard

300 days of sunshine, cheap cost of living, fun town with lots to do, and logged 930 hours in 11 months. If getting your time is as fast as you can is the objective, really one of the best places in the country...IMO. Just for flight time. I'd do it again if I had too.

As long as you don't have your MEI