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Corona, Ca. Five in the pattern for a 3,300 foot runway is not uncommon. That and a constant stream of traffic overflying at pattern altitude.

Because of traffic I was happy to move to Chino.


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MTJ for me recently. Maybe not the busiest, and seasonal, but when you have 4 Airbuses and multiple corporate aircraft, it would seem to be warranted.


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It got especially fun when the China air guys came up from Ryan and took over the pattern without talking to anybody.
RYN has been mostly dead ever since they closed shop.

CGZ is even busy at 0100, as I go do work there at those hours.

The other thing CGZ could use is some CFR protection capability, even thought it's not required for that airport.

IGM and MZJ are a couple of others for non-towered, not for busy-ness, but for having normal jet and heavy-jet operations ongoing with no tower, and minimal CFR protection (in comparison to aircraft size; but also not required due to no actual airline service occurring).


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Did they not reactivate the tower after the base closed, or just waited awhile?
I'm not sure how soon the field became a civilian airport after the base closing in 1995, but when I was CFI'ing there in 2006 there was no tower. It needed one and it did become class D a year or two later.


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KCGZ and the TFD VOR (Stanfield VOR)

The stack has good procedures but a lot of weekend warriors come blazing in not knowing those procedures or airport activity at all. Albuquerque Center doesn't even want to deal with the traffic over that VOR, they practically refuse. On an IFR flight plan they let you go at 7,000 feet over the FAF which is like 3,500 feet high (if I remember correctly) and just hope you know the stack procedures.

I mean, it's legal VFR out there so....

I'd say about half my instructing hours were spent in the stack at CGZ. Wasn't uncommon for about 4-5 of my buddies to be in the stack working at 2am. Mesquite call signs ;)
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I don’t know what the problem is. They’ve already got the tower built and all the radio frequencies Iike any normal Class C airport....

Strange how they're ever busy as they only allow us one in, one out. The WORST, and most dense, controllers I've ever had to deal with. Compound that with Iraqi Air pilots who will fight and argue on the frequency with controllers (even had one threaten one of my trainees on frequency that, "if he wasn't allowed to be number one in sequence (he was 60km behind the actual number one) he knew what tribe the controller belonged to and would have him taken care of".

Not uncommon to have 5 holding over GAWAN waiting for the landing call that will undoubtedly never come.
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