Bountiful Flight

Eh, like I've been told by multiple people here, it's a flight school. And no flight school is ever perfect, and that all have their respective issues.

That said, things have gotten a lot better here than when I first started. I'm flying 5 days a week, maintenance is pretty good here. Now that busy summer season is over no one is waiting weeks for a DPE for a checkride.

The instructors here are top notch and very knowledgeable. I had some issues with my training about a month ago. I set up a meeting with management here I talked, they listened to my frustrations and we both came up with a good plan to better get me through the program.

I like that management here has an open door policy and that its easy to get in contact with them. I also really like our monthly networking meetings with Skywest and our pilot pathway mentors. Where we meet with them and they give us the skinny of what's going on at the company. Would I recommend the school yes. You'll get out of here what you put into it. And you'll finish up much cheaper than at ATP or some of their competitors. The school is growing again and opening up new locations in the states of California and I think Texas. I also think that things will also greatly improve here in the near future once the smaller fleet of DA40's go away and the brand new PS-28 Cruiser* arrives.

Is it perfect here? Again, no, but then nothing is ever perfect. As with anything, always do your own research. Always ask a lot of questions. Shop around and compare/contrast, and don't be so quick to always drink the kool-aid that the sales teams at flight school's or regional airlines try to get you to drink. For me, they have done as promised and I'm on time and on budget. But what might work for me, might not for you. Good luck in your continued search.

If you have any other questions message me. I'll be glad to answer any of your questions.