Bose introduces competitor to Clarity Aloft & QT Halo.


Those are going to be disgusting by the end of Sun and Fun.

I really do want something more comfortable to the Bose X. I have 8 hours ahead of me today in these. Press F for respects :(


That’s kind of awesome. Pull the mic off and you won’t look too ridiculous using them in the back of an airplane either.


Actually, on closer examination it looks like the cable and the mic are co-located so when the mic is disconnected I doubt they work.

I still love the idea of the tap through for when you’re flying with one of those idiots that doesn’t use the intercom. I have a set of Sony noise canceling ear buds that do that. It’s not perfect in that application, but it does an ok job.


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They were pretty clear that they aren’t intended for GA at all and don’t offer as good a noise reduction as others. Oh well :/


I would have to try it to see if I liked it or not, but based on the looks alone I don't think I can bring myself to even try it. I just sold my Clarity Aloft Classic and bought a Clarity Aloft Pro Plus and I don't think a headset can get any better. I am not a big fan of traditional headsets that have to clamp to the head, and this seems to be a weird combo of having to clamp AND go in ear...

No doubt that the audio quality would be really good and music quality while piping music through will be the best though.
I like the idea, my clarity alofts start to hurt after five or so hours in the RJ. I'd need to try them before I buy them though.

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I think this thing looks ridiculous no matter how you slice it. It looks very ummm, un-modern.
Because that’s what I care about when choosing a headset. My Lightspeeds that I bought used finally died and they’re too old for lightspeed to repair, so I’ve been using the Bose shipsets at work. At this point you could paint the lightspeeds neon pink and have them look like a box on the outside and I’d wear them instead of the Bose.