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For Sale Bose A20 (w/bluetooth)

Colin Levy

Well-Known Member
Bought them a few years back and used them the last 2 years in 121. Comes with the Bose carrying bag.

Will be replacing both the ear and head and cushions, mic windscreen and clips with brand new ones before I sell them.

Overall the headset is in good condition, especially with all new replaceable parts. Only real wear and tear is on the hand unit that is used to turn it on and switch the BT. It gets moved around quite a bit, so has the usual markings.

Because I am replacing all the parts, they will not be able to be shipped out immediately, just looking for a buyer for the next couple weeks.

Selling for $800 OBO.

Looking to buy the Bose QC and uflymike (preferably the new ones, but QC15 is an option). If you have either, I'm sure we could work something out.