Booked my “first” lesson!


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Well that and flying at 60 knots.

When the airbus is at 30 feet it noses down to force the pilot to flare. The flare in the 172 is at like 5 feet. So the sight picture is way different. You feel like you’re way too low, too slow, and it’s slightly panic inducing.
Happened to me my first time back in light GA planes in a few years, but it was on takeoff.

Me: "Passing 1,000."
CFI: "Ahh...That's 100."
Me: *Mother of God what am I doing?*


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Took and passed my pre-solo test today with flying colors. Was going to do 1 lap around the pattern with my CFI and assuming I didn’t eff it up was going to solo. Started my takeoff roll, instantly noticed something didn’t feel right, saw was only getting maybe 2100rpm, so aborted takeoff. Tried some more run ups on the tarmac but never anything more than 2100rpm. So no solo today =(. Gotta wait til next Wednesday now which will be 2 weeks between flights. Yuck.
What model of 172? What did it turn out to be?

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I've been talking to my step-daughter about going to Florida and having her get me recurrent in a piston single. It's been 9 years since my last flight in one.