Booked my “first” lesson!


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Just remember your CFI will really appreciate you taking every opportunity to point out every thing he/she says that doesn’t jive with the 7110. ;)

In all seriousness have fun!

Any if any controllers in SoCal want to go flying, feel free to PM.
If you’re ever up in Vegas pm me


4 out of 5 great lakes prefer Michigan.
Congrats man! Enjoy getting back in the saddle.
Side note: AWI3793 to HPN today...not sure if that’s your airspace, but #directftw? ;)


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Finally got to fly! Felt good to be at the controls again. Even nailed my second landing!

I’ll give y’all this on the radios, it’s harder to hear your call sign called than I thought.
Especially when you have 3 or 4 different flight #’s a day!

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Flight was rained out today. Next one booked for Thursday but it’s supposed to be still raining. It’s rained practically every day for the last 3 weeks and it’s supposed to be still raining through at least next weekend. I hate LI “spring”.
Damn, are you training in Utah???


Working the high speed buffet to happy hour.
Not to hijack your thread/thunder.

Second flight in the 172 today. I can actually land again.

Gonna take the wife for a $300 hamburger then probably get checked out in the 182.