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Better Paying Survey Companies Hiring for the Summer


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I know a lot of pilots are coming off or will soon come off Picto seasons and maybe a few of you are wondering what to do to get you to 1500 TT or potentially stay on longer working survey if you didn't have to be gone nearly as much. Here are three companies I can vouch for and that are superior to any of the Pictometry vendors as far as QoL and compensation.

Fugro www.fugro.com
I talked to their chief camera operator and they were looking for pilots about a month or two ago and may still be as I believe their's an opening. It's commutable as in they pay for you to come to the plane and fly you home. I believe it's a 20/10 rotation and their minimums have come down to like 5 to 7 hundred hours off the top of my head.

Aspen Helicopters www.aspenhelo.com
Don't let the name fool you as they have 5 or 6 Partenavias.. The used to do a 2/2 or 3/3 rotation and the pay was pretty decent with benefits. They used to need a minimum of 500 hours, but it's also commutable. Bonus points if you're willing to move to Southern California.

Quantum Spatial www,quantumspatial.com
I think we're still hiring for the Caravan and are looking for a minimum of 1000 hours. We do a 16/12 on the west coast, but they might try to talk you into a 23/12 in the midwest which is a bit tough. Pay has increased and benefits are decent enough. They send you to Flight Safety every year and you know your schedule months in advance on the 16/12.

You'd be an employee at all three companies, although Fugro used to hire contractors too as needed and pay them $300 a day, GSA per diem and the hotel and rental car were paid for.

Hit me up if you have any questions as I know some folks at all of them. You can apply through their websites I believe and for Aspen you can email your resume to dispatch@aspenhelo.com
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