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Baghdad Area Control/Approach Control


Yeah yeah I know, Baghdad, ugh.

Actually not a bad gig for retired US controllers, both for Area and Approach controllers.

Excellent pay (app. 190k with the first 110k or so with a lower tax bracket), 56 vacation days a year (not counting the combination of your weekend days added to the vacation days), travel allowance (around 13k a yr), annual bonus equivalent to 10% of your base.

Free single room/bathroom/shower, internet, laundry/dry cleaning taken care of, fairly good food in the DFAC, VERY nice bar, excellent rec area with superb pool, sauna, tennis court etc.

Area is housed on airport property with G4S security, very safe (at least I've felt safe for almost 2 yrs here).

Excellent people to work with. Mix of Americans, Europeans, Icelanders, South Africans etc

No OT, average 6 day weeks with a Sleep/Off day after.

Not for everyone but a fun adventure and a great way to bank some serious cash (as the only thing you pay for is smokes and booze (which is cheap) ).

Area Control


Approach Control


Any questions just ask