B-17 Crash / Hartford Ct (BDL closed)


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Collings Foundation guys were awesome and hospitable at Manchester before I got hired up there as a ramper. They knew their stuff, they loved sharing the history, and the kiddos ahead of us in line were amazed. This hurts, but I hope that everyone got out.


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This could very well be the end of the Collings foundation if there was 10 fatalities

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Two fatalities. It's Nine-O-Nine, operated by the Collins Foundation for experience flights... I rode on it a few years back.


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I rode on it a couple years back and took a tour of it at Henderson last April. Very sad.


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CF took me up for a sunset flight in 909 when I was a broke-ass 17-year-old hanging around the ramp at PFN enjoying having a day with one of my favorite planes of all time.

I had been there all day long, talking to people about the plane, telling people about her, answering questions. At the end of the day, I retreated to the fence to watch them start the engines and fly off, but one of the crew came over to me.

“Hey, want to go for a ride?” I still remember his grin.

It was amazing—one of my greatest—and fondest—aviation memories.

After the flight, he gave me a laminated photo of the plane over the statue of liberty. He told me to call them when I got my commercial.

I loved that plane and that organization, and this breaks my heart.