Aviation sites worth donating to


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It looks like VFRmap.com added a patreon page are there any other aviation sites or organizations you think might be worth contributing to?
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Tell your friend Derg to start up a Patreon or whatever else there is as I don't mind pitching in my share and then some as this site's been awesome to me. Not that I want to imply that others should donate, but I'm appreciative for the site and the information and jobs I've found through it so if I could at least kick in some and pay it forward some why not?


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The Aviation Herald. Simon Hradecky does an incredible job on accidents & incidents, seemingly by himself. He hangs out in Salzburg, Austria, and has been running the site for about 20 years. He's now being quoted by 'mainstream media' as an authoritative source, and has done some fine work to make a few countries' accident investigation folk toe the mark.

I do worry about the succession plan, should he get hit by a bus.

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Paul Freeman’s Abandoned Airport site. An incredible about of research and material. Great old pictures.

Not flashy, but chocofull of content.

Rancho Conejo Airport is now more or less the site of Amgen Buildings 91-92, if memory serves, which is where I'd go as an intern when I was uninterested in doing actual work, under the guise of doing wireless surveys of the campus.

I wish they'd kept the airport.