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Aviation Safety Inspector (Cabin Safety); FAA


Well-Known Member
Department of Transportation
Federal Aviation Administration
Internal Vacancy Announcement
Vacancy Announcement Number: ASO-AFS-04-B691-72576M

Open Date: Feb 25,2004
Close Date: Mar 23,2004
Position: Aviation Safety Inspector (Cabin Safety),FV-1825-J,
Job Category:Specialized
Salary Range: $66,000 to $102,300
Location: Ft Lauderdale ,FL
Organization Location: Southern Region, Flight Standards Division Evaluation Services Ft Lauderdale, FL
PCS: Expenses are not authorized for relocation/moving expenses.

Area of Consideration: FAA-Wide (TEMPORARY POSITION NTE 2 YEARS)

Duties: As the Regional Program Manager for Cabin Safety Programs, provides leadership, develops policy and guidance, and serves as a primary technical specialist concerning authoritative interpretations, clarifications, and assistance to Aviation Cabin Safety Inspectors, Aviation Safety Inspectors, higher level management officials, general public, management representatives and staff of aviation organizations and air carrier operators, representatives of federal, state, and local governments, union representatives, or parties out side of the agency on the federal regulation, laws, requirements and statutes for civil aviation compliance programs and requirements as they relate to the Cabin Safety and Flight Attendants Programs. Independently plans, designs and carries out projects to develops training curriculums and materials for Cabin Safety and Flight Attendant surveillance and inspection activities. Provides detailed information and guidance on national program goals and objectives, regional requirements, and other relevant changes affecting Cabin Safety and Flight Attendants programs thereby contributing to the objectives of the FAA, the system-wide efficiency and effectiveness of domestic and international civil aviation inspection programs, and the safety of civil aviation. Develops and implements evaluation procedures to address Cabin Safety and Flight Attendant Program issues where precedents do not exist. Program Management. Develops and updates the regional complexity profile as it relates to air carriers that operate with Flight Attendants; identifies trends in cabin safety related matters and implements regional policy; plans and develops Cabin Safety and Flight Attendant Programs to include surveillance of programs and training records. Conducts en route inspections and periodic review of Flight Attendants manuals. Plans and directs the use of time and resources to accomplish FAA Cabins Safety and Flight Attendants Program objectives.