Average Aircraft Mechanic Salary


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Nope. Whoever published that must've been hoodwinked by the local A/P school. It is possible to make that kind of money but it's rare and you'll end up selling your soul and wishing you worked line service instead.


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Haha! Yeah, I thought it was kinda ridiculous too. I was only joking, thought other mechanics /technicians might get a kick out of this misleading "statistic".
"But it's on the internet, and has pictures and words, so it HAS to be true!"
I'm gonna have to ask for a raise...or move to Seattle.

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All I can say is...ROFLMAO! I was getting 72K at AS when I medically retired. The only A&P's raking in that kinda dough are the DM's for the Majors. So unless you can get the highly coveted DM position at UA, AA, DL, WN, AS, FE or UP, it ain't gonna happen. Take a number and get in line. Your turn might come up when your are 90.