Autism and early intervention.


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Long story short my son is currently being observed by a development specialist for possible Autism. He is a littler over a year and a half and some early signs of ASD are definitely present.

My wife and I are just grateful he is a happy healthy little boy, but it has still been somewhat hard to swallow at times. We’re going to be able to enroll him in therapy through early intervention, the research I’ve done has been uplifting as early intervention can help to an extent.

Just wondering if anyone else in the JC community has dealt with a child on the spectrum? I understand if you don’t want to respond in public, a PM will be more than fine with me. Just looking for advice from other pilots in similar circumstances that have figured out the best ways to help their children out, and just as important helping their spouse out as they are the ones home dealing with the day to day issues that arise. So far my wife has been a true champion about all of this. As parents, we don’t view this as a setback for our son, but are wanting to try anything possible to help him thrive in life.
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My wife is a Registered Dietitian, I know in the past she’s mentioned people on the spectrum not eating sugar as it’s basically an opiate for them. I’m sure if he is someone will talk to you about it, but probably worth reading up on in the mean time.

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I’m fairly certain @Hacker15e (tho I haven’t seen him around here in a while) is fairly knowledgeable about that world.

side note, one of our nurses is married to a gal who works with kids on the spectrum. Apparently she uses the same communication techniques when interacting with his pilot co-workers...