ATP vs Hillsboro


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Starting off by introducing myself I started my Private Pilot Training in Kansas. After completion of my training I was planning on attending ATP in Las Vegas (I have family here so I wouldn't have to worry about living expenses while in school) at KVGT to finish my training, possibly work for them or someone else as a CFI to build time and my ultimate goal #1 goal is to fly corporate jets or even just fly for a regional airline. I quit my jobs, sold most my stuff and moved halfway across the country to attend school. However, after being established with ATP and having a start date I got a call saying they were closing the Vegas location and that I would have to move again which really isn't much of an option for me. I started researching Hillsboro Aero Academy which is based in Oregon but has a location in Vegas. About a week later ATP called and said that I could start with them a month early and finish out the program with the rest of the students starting before they close. I was starting to like the idea of going to Hillsboro because the school is more self paced (I still plan to go everyday and go through quickly) and there is more leeway etc. and I could complete CFI here as well. vs ATP where I would have to fly out to Phoenix to complete CFI training and the schedule etc. is very strict. So I have to make a decision on which school to attend. My question is does anyone have any experience with these schools. What should I choose? I've heard ATP can kick you out if you don't progress quickly enough.. I'm also worried about attending ATP since I was informed they are closing and "trying to get everyone done with instrument-commercial by the end of 2018." I'm stuck and don't want to lose my chance with ATP here but, fell Hillsboro MIGHT be the better option. However I don't know. What do you think?


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It would seem to me if you feel the fear of missing out from any vendor (and they ARE your vendor), that's enough reason to slow down. Also, when you have that little voice in the back of your head saying "hmm... They want to finish people up quickly, and they're trying to cram me into that flow" - well, that's the germ of wisdom. ATP is ok, but I bet you'd rather have time to figure things out than have buyer's remorse.
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Just looking into these schools. Does anyone know if you get hired as a CFI by one of these academies, what the health insurance situation is like? I assume ATP offers some kind of insurance since you will most likely be working your ass off flying once you get your ratings, but I just want to check.