ATP/ADX Software


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So for some background info, I went to San Jacinto College in 2009, studied, and got all the way through the dispatch program. Then before my last semester the only dispatchers (who worked at ExpressJet) who taught the practical classes, left to move to Atlanta.

I have not taken my written and as of 2011, abandoned all hope of completing my licensing. Now though, at 32 almost nearing completion of my Bachelors degree, am looking ahead to where I want to be. Back in the airlines, and not as a scheduler like I was.

I want to do dispatch, but the thought of raising 5k before next spring is a lot to bring to my wife. I have found an alternative (which I was trying to do in 2011 but failed). That is to study a software, take the written (which I can do at a CATS center in Joplin) and then sign up for the discounted course (3k) in Florida. Unless there is a better option.

I currently have a copy of the 2011 ASA software. According to ASA's CFI the questions all drastically changed in 2014 and I am not able to pass the written with the 2011 software questions. They recommended that I purchase the new downloadable software and do my written that way.

First of all, is there any weight to that statement? Second, is it still the same way it was where a lot of the questions will be based off of memorization because the test is long due to the weight and balance questions?
Do any of you have any good recommendations for software? Gleims, ASA. Sheffield, etc?

This is going to take a move, and one my wife is teetering on. I need to pass the exam and the school before she would consider a move to Ft. Worth (hoping one day to work for SW or AA) and a small pay decrease.