ATP 500hr XC Clarification?


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No. It's very black and white spelled out in countless flying articles on the topics and backed up by FAA interpretations. There's been literally no subjectivity to this as long as I've been flying.

Also, FSDOs don't interpret regulations. Following regulation interpretation from FSDOs is like getting legal advice from your dog.
Agree about the dog.

But actually, there was an "off" FSDO interpretation maybe 25 years ago, which followed the most common misunderstanding.

The Buffalo FSDO published a statement on their website that every leg had to be more than 50 NM long. IOW, every "point of landing" had to be >50 NM from the previous takeoff. There was a short letter-writing campaign and the posting disappeared in about two weeks.


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How long is that? The current wording is at least 22 years old and I don't recall it being substantially different for 30 (but I may not have been looking closely).
Longer than I care to admit. One change happened in the big 61 rewrite/renumbering in 1994 and there’s been at least one more beyond that.


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Not to qualify for any certificate or rating, including ATP (the subject of the thread). Only FAA pilot privilege a point-to-point cross country counts for is Part 135 minimums.

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