Atlas NTSB 3/12 investigative update


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There was a pilot at Martex that had a "safety yellow" jacket complete with reflective stripes. The UPS ramp manager made him wear a safety vest over the top. :bang:
A long, long time ago I was involved with UPS bringing the 757 into KBUR. The "supervisors" were UPS employees and the ground crew were contract, the MX was UPS something or other, the company was apparently split in two. They had the trucks and the planes but trying to mix the two was a mess. Supervisors were shiny young college graduates with absolutely no experience and a bunch of "Rah Rah" nonsense they heard in some hotel conference room during a training event. I'm sure the nickname "Cargo Nazi" still floats around in unwoke break rooms. It would not suprise me at all to have some UPS drone insist that someone wear an official visibility vest over a visibility vest they might have already been wearing. I actually look back fondly at that time in my life, it confirmed everything I suspected about scientology.

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Can someone explain what’s going on here to the unedumacated?
My favorite is when going international all the ground personnel are sporting the vest for safety but then the fuel truck is so busted that you’d be better off with a donkey on a treadmill to run the pump...

Some places in the Caribbean use rocks instead of chocks....

One place I went to had a 4 x 4 piece of lumber wedged under the fuel hose coming from the trailer because the angle was too steep and that fitting would leak if not supported. I might have a picture somewhere of that one.

Safety first.

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This accident was almost 3 months ago and nothing from the NTSB since the initial press reports. I know, they may take years, but as stated previously here, they usually have something out in 30 days.

Anyone know anyone on the "inside" for info?
No pax involved, no one(public) breathing down their neck except some family members.